2011-04-09 19:43:38.000 – David Quigley,  Summit Intern


6:58 PM EST

Dave here, sitting at the table with a persistent ‘tick, tick, tick’ in my right ear. Many things ‘tick’ in this world, not all of them good. Luckily for me, I am not sitting next to a ticking time bomb, nor am I counting the ticks of a clock during the last class before summer break. The ‘ticking’ I am experiencing is the timer on our electric counter-top oven. What is in the oven? Let me take a brief aside.

— I have attended many birthday parties in my life. My favorite part of birthday parties is birthday cake. Sometimes, said cake takes a small circular form, known colloquially as a cupcake. For those of you who have not had a cupcake, they are delicious! Despite having consumed a generous number of cupcakes in my life, I had never indulged in a cupcake quite like the one that Stacey concocted last night. I may just be naive and these kinds of cupcakes are commonplace but I will describe it with excitement nonetheless. While the cakey bit of the cupcake is tasty and necessary, I doubt that I am alone in believing that the frosting is the prize of any cupcake. Stacey’s cupcakes were yellow cake with delicious butter cream frosting spiced up with lemon zest. I took a bite into the cupcake with the most frosting and, to my surprise, there was jam inside! Though I have never experienced a cupcake with filling, it makes perfect sense. Reeses, Boston cream doughnuts, stuffed quahog at The Shannon Door – everything with filling is guaranteed to taste spectacular. I am now of the opinion that each and every cupcake deserves a filling. It seems as if Stacey shares this sentiment. —

Back to the ‘ticking’. I am sure you have guessed it by now. There is another batch of cupcakes in the oven! This time Stacey has put on her creative shoes and done a dance on the cupcake world. ‘Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache filling’. To be honest I am not sure what ganache is but I think I can hear Steve’s stomach grumbling from here. As if these cupcakes were not souped up enough already, Stacey added chocolate chips to the peanut buttery filling and a pretzel proudly towering on top. Since I have began writing this comment, the timer on the oven has dinged and the cupcakes are now cooling. I will provide an update upon tasting, stay tuned.


7:25 PM EST

MMMMMmmmmmmm Nom Nom Nom.

Eating Cupcake


David Quigley,  Summit Intern

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