Day Five

2008-08-31 16:47:53.000 – Mike Carmon,  Summit Intern


Saturday was a full yet satisfying day for me at the Observatory. I led my first tour, helped with tons of observations, and recorded a forecast (everyone back home in Jersey was thrilled with that news). I’ll be recording my own forecasts soon enough. I have to admit I’ve learned more in a week than I have in the three months since I’ve graduated college, and I haven’t had a bad experience yet. n

nMy fourth night on the summit was definitely the noisiest, and it had nothing to do with the Rock Band we were playing during the evening. The winds picked up pretty quickly during the night, and I awoke to the howl of 70 mph gusts. It excited me a great deal, because I was finally going to get to experience the infamous winds that drew me up here in the first place. And as luck would have it, an early morning tour allowed me to take a few members out into the heart of it. Plus I made sure I was around for as many observations as possible. n

nI had never been out in winds that strong before. Call me peculiar if you want, but I haven’t experienced anything more thrilling than the force of the wind pushing me across the observation deck. And that’s not even close to what I’m going to get to go out in later this fall. I can’t wait! The winds haven’t stopped any of the visitors, though, as the museum was crammed all morning and afternoon. And with the fogginess lifting, we finally have a nice view after a couple days of nothing much to look at. n

nOh, and Marty is starting to warm up to me.


Mike Carmon,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

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