Did You Forget About This Kitty?

2015-03-09 09:42:33.000 – Marty (Summit Cat), Translated by Mike Carmon


Haven’t purred from me in a while, huh?

There’s a simple reason for that–I’ve been quite busy with my cat-naps and never-ending buffets of kitty treats (with a side of nip, of course).

This winter has been way too cold for me(ow). I may be a Maine Coon, but even these frigid temperatures have been way too much for my delicate senses to handle. I’ve had to keep myself barred indoors for most of the winter, despite the observers attempting to lure me into the outdoors for what they call “much-needed fresh air.” I’ll take my fresh air in the summertime, thank you!

However, it was a little on the warmer side yesterday, and the winds were light, so this feline decided to take a look around on the observation deck. I found a purrrfect little spot on the deck, nestled underneath a snow and ice bank. That’s right–it was my very own snow cave, which was just big enough for me to stretch out my idle paws, but cozy enough to keep me warm and purring!


It’s snowy and windy again today, but my minion observers tell me that warmer temperatures are on the way. So, perhaps, I’ll visit my clandestine kitty cave again soon. This is between me(ow) and you though; don’t let anyone else in on the secret!



Marty (Summit Cat), Translated by Mike Carmon

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