Don’t Make Me Leave!

2018-08-13 15:00:17.000 – Sarah Thunberg, Summit Intern


I’ve dreamed of working up here on Mount Washington my whole life. Now that I’ve been able to live up here, I don’t want to leave! Please don’t make me go! One of my first days on the summit was beautiful and clear, the building wasn’t open to the public yet so it was nice and quiet. I started off my internship taking the classic picture at the summit sign.

Sarahs first day on the summit with
signMy first morning on the summit
Not soon after I started on the mountain, I got my first view of lenticulars spread over the northern Presidentials. The winds that day were about 40 mph, something I didn’t realize would become rare later on in the summer. Most days were light and variable until this last week when the summit got back up to 74 mph.
Lenticulars over the Northern
PresidentialsLenticulars over the Northern Presidentials
The summit is in the clouds 60 percent of the time, but sometimes it briefly clears and reveals some amazing atmospheric phenomenon like thunderstorms, or rainbows.
Thunderstorm over Franconia NotchThunderstorm over Franconia Notch
Intern Sarah with double rainbow at
shift change looking into Great GulfDouble rainbow on shift change
However, nothing compares to crystal clear skies and temperatures in the upper 40s.
A view to the south with a visibility
of 130 milesA view to the south with a visibility of 130 miles
My last week on the summit was bittersweet. The weather had a nice return to the beginning of summer conditions with high winds, cooler temperatures, and clear skies returning to the summit. It was a nice reminder of where I’ve been over the summer and what I’ve seen. I’ve been waiting to be up here my whole life, but I also miss everyone back in Illinois and want to go back. As hard as it is, I have to go finish my degree, and then I can come back. I’m already making plans to come back and volunteer next summer. I thought it would be good to leave as I came, so goodbye, I’ll be back someday.
Intern sarahs last week on the summit
standing by the summit signMy last week on the summit


Sarah Thunberg, Summit Intern

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