Dreams and Sunsets

2008-09-09 02:16:16.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

Inside a Sunset Looking Out

This morning I had a refreshing night’s sleep, however confusing that may sound. So it goes when you work nights. The previous nights had been a bit restless regarding dreams. The problem was one of computer programming. After working on a project involving the Auto Road and Mesonet site verifications, my mind was racing with thoughts of how to solve problem x or what are steps y and z now that x has finally been solved. Dreams at this point became very linear; not the kind of dream where one’s mind can just roam free. This turned at times to dreaming of work and programming – not the kind of dream one hopes for when they are ‘living the dream’. Anyway, I completed the first version of the program I was working on early this morning, which resulted in a fine sleep with a most excellent dream of sledding through a forest, among others too convoluted to remember or write.

I awoke refreshed and ready to get outside for a bit. The summit was going in and out of the clouds, but I figured if I hiked down a bit, I’d be out of the clouds. So I went down the Nelson Crag trail a piece, up and over Ball Crag, then down the backside out of the winds. It was nice to hear the rustle of the sedge, now mostly brown with the last strands of green holding on. It is a much friendlier sound than the wind often makes here on the summit, especially considering we are moving quickly into the fall. I made it back to the summit in time for sunset, which was surprisingly brilliant. The fog here is typically too dense to become illuminated by a setting or rising sun. Today was an exception to that, and one of the experiences I’ve longed for occurred. Clouds rolled up and over the summit, with the sun painting them a spectacular pinkish orange color all around. So long as I didn’t turn around to where the clouds were dissipating, it was as if I was placed inside a sunset looking out. Quite an interesting, special perspective.


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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