Easter Fun

2007-04-09 06:22:48.000 – Jon Cotton,  Observer

The obvious part of the candy hunt

Well, Easter was quite a success up here. We prepared well for it. All of us brought goodies along with the normal weekly items so we were pretty well stocked for candy. The figuring being it wasn’t quite warm enough yet for rabbits to hop with baskets. (Although I’m sure after months of winter rations the fox would have welcomed any attempts…I mean to say that foxes enjoy hollow chocolate bunnies.) The way Sunday played out was much like a fine dining experience of multiple courses and palette cleansers mixed with action sports.

I’ll start with my day because this paragraph is going to be in the first person. Given that I wake up at 4pm, that gave my coworkers plenty of time to set the stage. Before my eyes opened, I had already decided to first eat the jelly beans my mom had gifted me. It was not to be though because an individually wrapped peanut butter cup greeted me at the bedroom door. A trail of its comrades led up to the weather room, with one placed every foot and on every step of the tower. I made it through 11 (i.e. to the bottom stair) before I had to turn around and use the other stairway. Once in the weather room I opened the jelly beans.

Events following will be listed in bullet form.

  • Michelle Cruz, our outreach educator, sent up three shoe boxes worth of marshmallow, chocolate and peanut butter in addition to our stores. From her travels bringing weather education to classrooms all over New England, she has learned the best treats.
  • Mike’s family tradition is to hide colored candies with each family member in charge of treasure hunting for their assigned color. Mike and Kyle hid a total of 50 some-odd Hershey’s products in every corner of the weather room. Mike gathered us together and shouted over blaring Caribbean party music the assigned colors and candies for us all to find. (Neil, if you are reading, it was the same music/same volume as the 1111 Party.) Instructions given, we ran around over every surface of the weather room dismantling instrumentation, disrupting top secret documents, selling valuable state secrets to each other as barter for candy locations, etc.
  • We did a weather observation.
  • Shelley brought us down stairs to….another treasure hunt! This one was an egg hunt. We jumped before the starting gun was fired and had to put some eggs back. She too had instructions concerning mainly the boundaries but it was hard to hear because we were horse playing. If the weather room hunt was akin to afternoon tea, this was a Mexican pit barbecue. All 32 eggs were discovered in under 5 minutes. No feelings were hurt.
  • Dinner was the only non-candy I ate all day. It was delicious. Again, nice work to Shelley.
  • This whole time you’ve been wondering how was the bunny cake?? I know, we saved the best for last in our activities. The bunny cake was delicious and perfectly suited, in a light and fluffy sort of way, to welcome in a new season.

    It’s been snowing and foggy for 5 straight days and we hit a gust of 103mph this morning. No rabbits in sight.


    Jon Cotton,  Observer

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