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2008-08-09 07:42:29.000 – EduTrippers,  Mount Washington Observatory

Under and overcast in a moment of clearing

Imagine a cozy cottage with wonderful food, good company, bunk rooms, knowledgeable guides, an independent-minded cat, multiple learning opportunities, views made all the more spectacular when they’re only briefly available through the fog, and the world’s worst weather. Spend a night here at the top of Mount Washington with an Edutrip, and you will experience all of that and more.

Our group of six, ably led by Michelle, is leaving with terrific memories. For weather we came, and weather we got! The mountain kept us guessing with fog, overcast, clearing, undercasting, misting, and deluge. We had a beautiful morning with visibility in all directions. Several of us edu-trippers were chatting in the weather room, when Scott suddenly interrupted the conversation with “we can see!” We turned to look out the window for a 15-second view of Mount Jefferson and Mount Adams, as well as part of the valley. As quickly as the view emerged, it disappeared into 200-foot visibility. We learned how the weather is measured and recorded, watched the emptying of the “precip can”, and listened in on radio weather reports. We will all be much safer around lightning storms because of all the tips we learned – when thunder roars, go indoors!

Kudos to the shift crew on the summit and to all who support and make this organization run. Thank you to this week’s volunteers, Ken and Maggie, for great food and company. And thanks of course to Marty for a healthy dose of entertainment.

For more information about the Observatory’s EduTrips, check out the summer and winter EduTrip pages.


EduTrippers,  Mount Washington Observatory

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