End of a week as a summit volunteer

2007-11-20 11:10:19.000 – Paul Wainwright,  Summit Volunteer

December, 2006

My week as a summit volunteer (my 7th winter) has been absolutely wonderful. I am a large format black and white photographer, and the weather on Sunday was particularly beautiful for photography. Also, the staff have enjoyed my “signature” recipes, which can be found (along with my previous winter’s photographs) on my web site.

However, the highlight of the week was having the honor of holding Nin for his live appearance on Good Morning America yesterday morning. My job during the show was keeping track of where he was, and when the producer gave me the 5-minute warning, I found him asleep down stairs in the living room. As the camera went live on us, I whispered to him that there were 8 million people looking at him. He purred.


Paul Wainwright,  Summit Volunteer

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