Entranced Marty

2013-10-03 15:07:43.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Soothing Music!

A few years ago, I composed an observer comment that discussed music and how it relates to my job up here.

During this early morning, as I was performing one of my daily quality checking routines, a classical piece of music popped up on my iPad playlist. The piece was from the New World Symphony No. 9 ‘Finale’, composed by Antonin Dvorak; a personal favorite of mine. It is not often that I turn to classical music, but since it is known to have a calming influence, I decided to give the tune a shot as a tone-setter to what promises to be a busy shift week.

Marty just so happened to be in the weather room at the time as well, taking a load off on the weather desk. With the many fluctuations in the music, through the crescendos and decrescendos, I began to notice that our furry friend had become mesmerized by the waxing and waning sounds. In fact, he seemed to have slipped into a peaceful ‘trance’ of sorts, and I immediately snapped the above image.

Now that’s a calm kitty!


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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