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2014-05-18 15:05:17.000 – Brett Rossio,  Summit Intern

Reaching for the Clouds

Living for weather has a whole new meaning at the summit of Mount Washington. I grew up in the Great Lakes State experiencing some of the most erratic weather known in the Lower 48. As a new intern at Mount Washington Observatory, my experiences did not come even close. My love for the mountains and the weather that comes along with it go deep. Growing up in farm-country with flat land and lakes never really cut it for me. I feel at home here in New Hampshire at the highest summit in the northeastern U.S. I have only been here a week and I have already gained so much knowledge working with the observers here. It is a unique opportunity to be up here and I could not be more excited to work with the seasoned observers and learn all that I can from them.

My first day here was quite pleasant, ending with a picturesque sunset. Everything rapidly changed the next day when I got to experience high winds and foggy conditions which lingered for the next several days. It felt like we were trapped in a cloud. Today, we are back to the bright sunny weather and the spectacular views. As a small boy, I remember visiting Mount Washington Observatory and one of the observers showing me around the weather office. Even at that age, I was already confident in my choice of pursuing my passion for meteorology. It was enthralling to feel the power of the high wind speeds on top of the mountain and then take a peek at the many instruments the observers utilize. Now, I get the opportunity to work with these advanced instruments and further my knowledge up here, living in the world’s worst weather!


Brett Rossio,  Summit Intern

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