Extreme Mount Washington nearing hibernation

2013-11-21 16:07:21.000 – Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator


We are growing closer to the moment when the former Mount Washington Summit Museum space will be put to bed for the winter ahead of the planned opening of Extreme Mount Washington in the spring of 2014. Most recently, the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Construction Crew has been focusing on the finishing touches inside the museum space. Drywall and slat-wall installation and painting has begun and will continue. Electricians have begun installing circuits and conduits. Radiator cowling has been removed, painted, and reinstalled. The gift shop storage area is near completion, with its flat-wall and drywall installed. A new hand rail adorns the new staircase.

This week, the crew continues installing flat-wall and finishing trim. Painting of the museum and storage area space will continue and be finished in the next couple weeks. To aid in the painting of the stairwell area, the temporary wall dividing the construction site and the rest of the Sherman Adams building has been removed. As always, images of the process can be seen online at our Renovation Photos page. Stay tuned for more updates as we wind down our work on Extreme Mount Washington for the winter!

Observer Footnote:Looking for something fun and free to do in North Conway village tomorrow evening? Mount Washington Observatory will be hosting Dr. Lourdes Aviles, professor of meteorology at Plymouth State University and author of the new book, Taken by Storm, 1938, A Social and Meteorological History of the Great New England Hurricane. Come and learn about the most devastating storm to ever strike New England, along with the science of hurricanes and the long term effects they can have on New Hampshire’s forests.


Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator

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