Extreme Mount Washington Project Update

2014-01-30 22:42:02.000 – Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator


It has been a while since my last update on the Extreme Mount Washington project. At this point, the museum space lies dormant for the winter season. Parts of the base building phase are being delayed due to problems with lighting procurement. Several large and expensive lighting fixtures remain on backorder, and we continue to await their arrival before going forward. These light fixtures are recessed into the ceiling of the Brad Washburn exhibit, and will require delicate positioning within the sheetrock that forms the ceiling of the exhibit area. For this reason, parts of the framing must be left exposed and the sheetrock left unfinished until the lights are correctly seated.

Nearly all of the track lighting in both the gift shop section and in the museum section have been installed and wired to the brand new 200 amp electrical circuit. Nearly all of the lighting in the new space will be energy conserving LED allowing us to both conserve energy and reduce heat output. Some of the conduit supplying electricity to the lighting tracks remains to be painted, as well as the silver threaded rods suspending the tracks from the ceiling. The AMC construction crew will finish this task when they return to complete the Brad Washburn exhibit area.

All of the carpet for both the gift shop and the exhibit space has been delivered to the summit and awaits the installers. Commercial carpet tiles have been chosen for the project because of their durability and ease of replacement, should parts become damaged or overly warn. Once the painting is complete in the space, the carpet installers will be scheduled. It is estimated the carpet installation will take five days. Photos of the progress may be viewed at at our Renovation Photos page. Stay tuned for more updates as we work to complete this important project due just shy of a few short months away.


Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator

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