Fall Colors

2011-10-09 14:44:52.000 – Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

Fall Colors

Over the past few days the clear sunny weather has provided us with some spectacular views down into the surrounding valleys where the fall colors seem to be really taking hold now. This early morning view of the historic Mount Washington Hotel shows some fine reds and yellows along with some distant valley fog. I wonder if the delegates who, at the close of the second world war, were housed here to set up the Bretton Woods monetary system, a precursor to the IMF and world bank, ever got to see the fall scenery.

The unseasonably warm weather continued today along with breezy 50+mph winds. It certainly has been quite an experience for most visitors over the weekend. The wind has been strong enough to push most people back when trying to walk across the deck. It’s also taken away many hats and several pairs of glasses too. Hard to imagine that in a few short weeks we’ll be switching into winter mode, the building will close and snow and ice will blanket the area once again.


Steve Welsh,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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