Farewell my Friends

2011-10-17 22:26:31.000 – Erin Diveny,  Summit Museum Supervisor

As the winter weather is starting to set in, that means another last comment. The Sherman’s Adams building will be closing to the public soon, and my job as museum supervisor will then be done for this season.

As I look back at the summer, I think about everyone I’ve met and all the amazing experiences I’ve had. I had the honor or working with former observer Stacey on her last shift, I’ve met 6 different interns between the two shifts and the two seasons (summer and fall), and I’ve gotten to work with both shifts in addition to all the wonderful volunteers and the State Park staff. I’ve enjoyed summer hikes back and forth between the AMC Lakes of the Clouds hut and the summit, and met some amazing friends there. I’ve had the opportunity to see breath taking sunrises and sunsets, the northern lights, shooting stars, rime ice on the first of June and In September, and have been knocked down by a 97mph wind gust.

Now, with our current wintry conditions on the summit, it seems to be a perfect goodbye and move back to valley life. I was worried I wouldn’t get to experience a hint of winter but now I have, and the views have been simply breath taking these past few days. I would like to thank everyone I’ve met over the summer who has made this such a great experience. It was my dream since I was a child to work at the summit and that came true this summer. I have to say of all the things up here I think one of the hardest things is going to be leaving Marty who’s been some fun entertainment. Even though I’m leaving I can assure you I won’t be gone forever; I’ll be back to volunteer in February!

For those of you who aren’t members, and even for those who are, remember that after having your membership for six months you can sign up to volunteer on the summit for a week in the summer. After successful completion in the summer you can then come back and volunteer for a week in the winter! This includes cooking dinner for everyone at the Observatory as well as any EduTrips and basic cleaning. When you’re not cooking you get to enjoy the weather that Mount Washington has to offer. It is truly a unique experience!


Erin Diveny,  Summit Museum Supervisor

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