First Shift Week

2014-05-31 14:42:44.000 – Ethan Wright,  Summit Intern


I started my first shift as a summit intern on Wednesday and have spent the last few days learning the ropes of the Observatory. Needless to say, life here on the summit has been an adjustment from the usual college lifestyle that I have lived over the past few months. The people here on the summit have been very receptive and I know that I will enjoy working with them in the coming months. The food has been great! One of the things that makes the Observatory such a homely place is having hard working volunteers prepare dinner for the staff each night. Our dinner is set around a large table and the dishes are served in a family style setting. I’ve only been on the summit for a few days, but the time spent with each other at dinner has been one of my favorite parts of the day.

There is still so much to explore around the summit. I have been eyeing some of the peaks in the distance that I hope to climb while living here in New Hampshire. Maybe the next time we are in the clear I can take a walk down to Mt. Clay and see the summit from a different point of view.


Ethan Wright,  Summit Intern

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