First Snow

2008-10-04 12:18:23.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

Rime Ice On Deck Telescope

It’s really starting to feel like winter has arrived on the summit. Over the past three days we have accumulated just over three inches of snow along with lots of rime and glaze ice. The temperatures have been falling steadily and the winds have been noticeably stronger, gusting up to 94 mph yesterday evening. We’ve dug out all our winter clothing and started de-icing instruments each hour. This morning we were out shoveling snow away from the deck doors and the top of the parapet. It’s been several months since we’ve had to clear snow and it was really nice to be out in the cool air once again. No doubt these conditions won’t last too long, as warmer air is expected later in the week, but it certainly is a taste of things to come. Everyone up here is certainly looking forward to the coming winter season!

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Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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