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2006-09-14 07:37:47.000 – Mike Davidson,  Valley Staff

Torin’s First Day on the Summit

I.T. isn’t all data centers and crawl-spaces. Yesterday morning I sat atmy desk in North Conway trying to create a weekly backup plan for our newservers when I came upon a problem. The problem could not be fixedremotely, it required hands-on attention (see Microsoft Knowledge Basearticle 909265). “Consarnit,” I was heard to lament, “now I have to visitthe summit of Mount Washington on a clear fall day.”

I didn’t want tosuffer alone, so Leasa, our son Torin, and I drove up the Auto Road earlythat afternoon. I resolved the problem at hand, took care of some lessurgent matters, and headed up to the observation deck to gaze upon thevalleys below. The wind was light, under 10 knots, but thetemperature more than made up for the lethargic air. At 43.9 degrees,Torin couldn’t wait for that Canadian air to go back to Canadia.

A glancedown at the slopes of the northern Presidentials revealed another hint ofautumn; the birches had started turning yellow. The question oneveryone’s minds is whether this Autumn will deliver 9 feet of snow likethe last one did. The folks up here are meteorologists, not fortunetellers, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, this is thehighest, paid computer geek in the Northeast signing off.


Mike Davidson,  Valley Staff

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