Fixing Lakes

2008-06-09 20:00:19.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer


In my comment the other day, I talked about how I ventured down to the Lakes of the Clouds AMC hut to check out a broken, well actually missing, temperature and humidity sensor that we have down there. Today, after recovering nicely from an extremely nasty cold that severely limited my productivity yesterday, I took intern Ted with me back down to Lakes to attempt to get the site back up running.

We headed down the Crawford path with, hopefully, everything we needed to get the job done. We had a new sensor, tie wraps, wire cutters, electrical tape, several different size wrenches, and a pair of slip-joint pliers. It really is inconvenient to get all the way down there and discover you forgot something important.

For once, it turned out that the easiest fix possible got the site back up and running. All we had to do was put a new temperature/humidity probe into the holder and that was it! It’s nice when things work that way every once in a while, especially when you work in a place where it seems like nothing is easy.

After packing up, Ted and I said goodbye to the Lakes croo and back up the Crawford Path we went. This portion of the trail between the summit and Lakes covers 1.9 miles and about 1200 vertical feet. Ted and I managed to get down in 30 minutes and back up in 37. Not too bad, and it’s always nice when working involves hiking on Mount Washington. It certainly doesn’t seem much like work at times like that.


Brian Clark,  Observer

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