Free Access to Premium Content Through July 4

2012-06-04 09:46:41.000 – Abby Blackburn,  Membership & Events Coordinator

Did you know that supporting members of the Observatory have access to incredible sunrise and sunset videos from our webcams, a special video blog from our summit crew, and more?

We call these features premium content, and they one of the many exclusive benefits reserved for supporting members of Mount Washington Observatory. But, for one month only, we’re extending premium content access to everyone with hopes that you’ll like what you see, and decide to join us.

You can watch Marty’s arrival on the summit, peruse the pages of Windswept, our member magazine, watch the sun rise over the Northeast’s tallest peak, and much, much more.

Check it out, and if you like it, become a member! Just don’t delay, because access to this member-only content will only be available to non-members through July 4.

Like you, hundreds of thousands of people visit our website every year to utilize our forecasts, webcams, and other resources. Yet, just under 4,000 of those visitors have chosen to help support our work, and the resources they utilize on our site, by becoming a member.

We hope you’ll enjoy this one month free trial of premium content to see some of the benefits that our members enjoy, and consider joining with them to help to support our work.


Abby Blackburn,  Membership & Events Coordinator

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