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2009-01-20 21:22:24.000 – Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer


This has been a very good week to be a volunteer here on the summit, cold temperatures (-26), high winds (100+mph), sunny days, foggy days and topped off with today which was a perfect hiking day. Ali (Winter Intern) and I decided to hike down to Lakes of the Clouds after lunch. It was bright and sunny all the way to the hut when a cloud came in and it started to snow. We started back and hiked out of the cloud back into the bright sun. The day was finished off with a picture perfect sunset.

This has also been an anniversary week for several of the summit residents. It is Marty’s one year anniversary of being on the Rockpile. He came up with me on the shift change a year ago. It is also my tenth anniversary of being an Observatory volunteer. If you a regular visitor to this site you may want to consider joining the Observatory and being eligible to volunteer here on the summit.

Steve Moore


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteer

Spring is Here

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