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2012-09-02 18:10:14.000 – Brian Fitzgerald,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

Brian Clark hard at work on his last ObsCast

A lot has changed since I left the summit in April, but here at the Observatory I find myself once again focusing on the intricacies of the weather. For those loyal followers of the Mount Washington Observatory, you may recall another Brian on the summit this past winter, Brian Fitzgerald, the Winter Intern. Well after a fun spring and summer hiking and teaching around the White Mountains for the Appalachian Mountain Club- I’m back! Sadly, longtime Weather Observer, Education Specialist and Shift Leader Brian Clark will be leaving us at the beginning of October (members, stay tuned for his last and greatest hits ObsCast!). So to keep things simple, the Observatory hired another Brian. While my experience pales in comparison to the other Brian’s, I’m excited nonetheless and eager to build my observational abilities. As I train to effectively observe and disseminate the weather, it’s incredible and down-right daunting how much information, codes and procedures a trained weather observer needs to have in their head. For those of you who are interested in seeing just what I mean, follow the link to the Federal Meteorological Handbook (my new light reading…).And of course for those of you who would much rather experience the brutal, beautiful weather of Mount Washington first hand, visit for more information about becoming a member, visiting the summit or visiting our Weather Discovery Center in North Conway.


Brian Fitzgerald,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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