From Pennsylvania to New Hampshire

2014-10-02 18:57:00.000 – Caleb Meute, Summit Intern


I spent the last couple of weeks in southeastern Pennsylvania where the leaves have not yet turned to the color of fall. My drive north was spectacular, as I was able to see a vivid color change amongst all of the trees. Unfortunately, I was “that guy” taking pictures with one hand on the phone and the other on the wheel. Don’t worry, 60 percent of the time, my eyes were on the road the whole time. Driving up the mountain was also quite enjoyable during Wednesday’s shift change as the trees were colorful under an overcast cloud layer. This drive was unique, as we eventually got into the cloud layer and then emerged above it, revealing an ocean of gray all around. The only land that was visible were the peaks of Mount Jefferson and Mount Adams. Arriving at the summit warranted a view of total undercast, which I have been waiting to see since the beginning of my internship in May.I only took enough pictures to drain my phone’s battery by a mere 70 percent.

I’m not a morning person, so I am pretty ecstatic that the sunrise is now at 6:37. This morning, I made my way outside just in time to see the sun poke through the layer of undercast, which immediately ignited colors all over the sky. This allowed me to take my first sunrise picture and, by no means, did it let me down.

While I love the undercast type setting, I was also eager to have a view of the valley in the midst of the fall foliage. With high pressure building into New England this afternoon, the clouds dissipated just enough for the sea of red and orange to become visible. I have been fascinated by every view that I have seen since arriving on this mountain, but what you see right now is truly special. If you take a look at the higher summits forecast, you will see that tomorrow looks to be fog-free, which should make for wonderful views of the foliage below. I highly recommend coming for a visit of the summit tomorrow. I also recommend you get a tour from Mike Carmon or Caleb Meute. Critics have referred to them as “The best of the modern era” “Literally incredible” and even, “A tour that everyone needs to experience at least twice in their lifetime”. You simply cannot argue with the critics!


Caleb Meute, Summit Intern

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