Frozen Cameras

2016-06-09 17:17:46.000 – Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern


Even though it’s already the second week of June, I woke up this morning to a classic winter wonderland. Honestly for the past few years I haven’t been very excited about snow or ice, because I usually have to drive long distances to work or school. Things are different here on the summit of Mount Washington. The ice and the snow and the wind and the cold are absolutely fantastic, and I feel like a kid again wanting to go outside and play. Not only is the extreme weather exciting, it’s also quite beautiful, and everyone’s inner Ansel Adams comes rushing out. The interns took a few minutes this morning to appreciate and hopefully capture the beautiful sights. 

 Summit interns Tim Greene, Chris Hohman, and Meredith Campbell

It’s actually very difficult to photograph the ice, because on a day like today with winds over 70 mph and temperatures below freezing, ice forms on everything. That includes your jacket, your goggles, and your camera. In this picture of Observer Mike Dorfman you can see spots.
 Observer Mike Dorfman deicing an antenna
Those spots are small ice crystals forming on the lens of my camera not long after walking outside. These conditions seriously limit the amount of time you want to keep your electronics outside. Today I could only get about five pictures each time before having to bring my equipment back inside.
Summit intern Tim Greene photographing the wintry conditions 

This ice on the top of the instrument tower wasn’t sheltered at all. Trying to hold a camera in that kind of wind is almost impossible let alone framing a shot. The ice looks almost serene, completely undisturbed by the extreme winds around it.

Ice on the instrument tower 

I took this picture completely blind, because the moment I walked into the wind my goggles frosted over.

Glaze ice accumulating on the building 
This has definitely been a new photography challenge, and the fact that it was in June makes it so much fun.


Meredith Campbell, Summit Intern

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