Frrezing Rain

2008-12-16 16:43:53.000 – Steve Welsh,  IT Observer


It has been much harder being away from home this week compared to most. In the scheme of things last Thursday’s ice storm really didn’t affect us much up here. After all we are living in a warm and comfortable bunker built into solid rock with two foot thick reinforced concrete walls. We have our own generators, lots of food and no commute to work. Freezing rain just makes things a little slippier than usual but otherwise isn’t really a big deal. Compared to what happened in the south of New Hampshire and Massachusetts we got off very light.

My family is still without power although they have just got the phone and cable back. Fortunately we have a wood stove and a generator to power the furnace, fridge and provide light. We also have several trees down in the yard, luckily none did any damage when falling, and looking on the bright side these will at least provide more firewood for next year. Looks like I’ll be spending my off week cleaning and chopping trees up with my chain saw.


Steve Welsh,  IT Observer

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