2006-06-19 10:05:56.000 – Walter Sessions,  Summit Intern


This past weekend was a busy time for the Auto Road. Three different philosophies of travel headed up the eight mile stretch to the summit in relatively fog free conditions.

Motorcycles have been a regular sight on the road all week. The largest group rode up on Friday, shifting the summit fashions from hiking gear to black leather. Hikers and bikers both have a soft spot for head bandanas, so it wasn’t that huge of a difference.

Saturday was slightly stranger. One thousand people, out of distain for their quadriceps, decided to run up the Auto Road. The road race began a little late because of some traffic problems on Route 16, but it still brought quite a crowd. Congratulations to everyone who took part – I can’t imagine the level of mental and physical stress they went through.

Later in the day, fog decided to show back up in time for the last of our unusual weekend visitors. A cadre of Mini Cooper drivers caravanned up to see the sunset. Unfortunately, the sky remained obscured, but they seemed happy to get the tour of the facilities. Their spirits were extremely high and the summit was alight with camera flashes and various drivers howling in the twilight; at least I think it was the drivers.

I guess we had one last strange visitor. As Neil mentioned yesterday, a pollution warning was in place. Along with an unhealthy haze across the horizon, the temperatures reached 69.9 F, breaking the previous record for the day.

It’s worth a mention that about 50 different types of bug tried to eat the crew yesterday, but eventually decided that a drying stain of Coca-Cola on the deck tasted better.

Happy Belated Father’s Day!


Walter Sessions,  Summit Intern

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