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2010-05-14 17:06:42.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist


Tomorrow is the start of another weekend, and one weekend closer to the planned opening of the Sherman Adams State Park Building to the public, for the summer season on May 22. Of course, that date is subject to change if the weather takes a turn for the worse, so make sure you call the State Park ahead of time or check out their website if you plan on coming to the summit that weekend.

With the opening of the building just around the corner, that also means that the Auto Road crew is working feverishly to get the road open to the summit. For the last couple of weekends, they have been operating to the 4.5 mile point on the road, just above treeline. That will continue this weekend and, for the first time this season, daily starting Monday. At this point, the road is passable without chains on vehicles, but the gravel portions on the 5-mile and Cragway are just too muddy to allow hundreds of cars to drive over them. Also, there are still a few sections of the road that have some snow encroaching on one of the lanes, which of course is a problem when you have cars trying to go both ways. Keep an eye on the Auto Road’s website, their page on Facebook, or call ahead to get the latest info on their date for opening to the summit.

The Cog on the other hand, already made their first run to the summit for the season last weekend. According to their website, they will run trains again tomorrow and Sunday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. The building will be open for passengers on the Cog, but only for the use of the restrooms and to peruse our Museum. Again, call ahead or check their website for the latest info on their operating schedule.

Although signs of summer, such as these, are all around us, it is important to remember that even mid-May on Mount Washington can bring very wintry conditions. If you plan to come to the mountain over the next couple of weeks, make sure you are prepared for such weather, and don’t assume that anything will be open on the summit, including a way to get a ride down. As always, we want people to come and enjoy the mountain that we all love and call home, but we also want people to do it safely!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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