GMA says goodbye.

2007-11-20 02:15:14.000 – Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

Hanging out with the GMA crew!

That is a wrap! The Good Morning America crew departed today. Since Friday the rotunda has been turned in the production room thanks to the Mount Washington State Park, calls and faxes have been coming in from New York City, and numerous snow tractor trips were accomplished thanks to Wayne and Gus. It was all worth it and provided for a smooth broadcast.

Yesterday morning provided rare conditions with significant undercast and mostly clear skies above. Temperatures hovered in the teens while winds were around 10 mph! It was worth staying up for another five hours after my night shift to assist the crew. Karen and I got to be “battery bus boys” so to speak. Our responsibility was to give fresh batteries to the camera crew throughout the broadcast. This was a blast as we were witnessing the broadcast first hand. This also entailed watching television outside as Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer got ready down in Time Square just before the show. Observing the behind the scenes cooperation and work put in during the past few days was unbelievable how everything fell in place for the two hour morning show.

Finally, the summit crew up here made some new friends. It was great getting to know Sam, Darcy, John, Morgan, Alisa, Jeff, Bill, Paul (aka Slim), Carlos, Russ, Mark, Kenny, and Kevin. We hope to see then up here again in the near future!


Zach Allen,  Meteorologist

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