2007-07-02 18:08:15.000 – Maria Zatko,  Summit Intern

Hailball fight!

Hail, snow, sleet, rain, rainbow, wind, sun…yes, all in a matter of 30 minutes. For the compulsive weather addicts out there- this comment is a shout out to you. Dressed up in our hats and winter jackets- Jon, Dan and I stormed out to the observation deck around 4:30 this afternoon. Coming from a valley in Western Massachusetts- I have never seen so much hail in my life. The hail only lasted about five minutes but it was blown against the eastern wall of the deck and therefore piled six inches high. Upon seeing this massive amount of hail my initial thoughts were obvious. I needed to peg Jon and Dan with hailballs. After having hailball fun we decided it was time to make a hailman! During the creation of our hailman a incredibly vibrant rainbow developed to the east. We were able capture wonderful photos of the Cog making its last trek of the day with the rainbow proudly gleaming behind it. Mount Washington’s weather experience today is ironic because I had a tour yesterday and was asked if the summit received hail often. I said no. The weather gods must have been listening to that response and decided otherwise. The best part of this wild winter-like weather? Oh yes, it is July 2nd.


Maria Zatko,  Summit Intern

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