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2011-02-06 15:55:57.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist


Considering that my week off was relatively uninteresting (honestly, I just skied very day), let’s bring these comments back to being about what’s going on here on Mount Washington. There is certainly plenty to talk about.

Today, we saw the arrival of WGME Channel 13, from Portland, Maine. Each winter, either meteorologist Sarah Long or meteorologist Charlie Lopresti, both former observers, pay us a visit for several days. While they are here, they do live feeds back to the station in Portland, as well as some taped stories. Each year, exactly what they do differs slightly, but of course they are going to feature the always interesting weather on the mountain. If you live in New Hampshire or southern Maine, and you get WGME, be sure to tune into the news casts over the next few days to see it all.

Looking ahead a bit, it is now less than a week until the big Eastern Mountain Sports sponsorship kick-off parties in both the North Conway, NH and Soho, NY Eastern Mountain Sports stores. The parties will take place simultaneously on Thursday, February 10 with lots of fun events and cool prizes. This is a free event open to everyone, but if you plan on attending, please RSVP using the contacts supplied in the above links.

Of course, the weather has been fun lately, with snow being the weather variable of note. So far this month, we have already recorded 18.9 inches of snow. That’s almost half of the average for the month of February, and there’s still lots of the month to go, and still lots winter left as well!

Obviously our Observer Comments are a great way to keep up on current Observatory events, current weather, and general happenings on the summit, but you can also keep up on all this for yourself by visiting the news and events page, the weather page, and our forums!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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