2008-12-02 06:22:17.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

Upon arriving in Hawaii, the blast of heat hit me harder than walking outside in sub zero temperatures. I keep thinking to myself, this is not normal. The end of November, and it is 83 degrees, humidity is just about the same number. My family members walk around in jeans and t shirts, the occasional sweater, and I have been sweating in shorts, skirts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Tropical Paradise is far too warm for my mountain blood. It is also infinitely strange to see holiday decorations up in stores, on street lamps, and on front lawns when it feels like July.

There are many comparisons to be made with Hawaii and the Mount Washington Observatory: HI = Hot, MWO = Cold; HI = Tropical, MWO = Sub Arctic; HI = VOG, NH = FOG. What is VOG? Well, Vog is basically smog that is created by volcanic emissions, and on the Big Island in particular, Sulfur Dioxide. Since January/February of this year, Kiluea has been spewing out just about 1000 tons of Sulfur Dioxide per day. I was lucky enough to visit this volcano yesterday, and got an up close view of the active volcano – check out their web site, which, includes web cams.

Anyways, I am thoroughly enjoying my vacation; swimming, bike riding, hanging out with sea turtles, and that whole family thing is pretty nice too. It rains just about every day, and lizards often hang out on the window screens, frogs and colorful birds make the most interesting night time lullaby. Let’s just hope my “mountain blood” doesn’t thin too much while I’m here, or it’s going to feel very cold when I return.


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

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