Hello, October

2014-10-01 18:38:00.000 – Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist


As my shift alluded to during their Observer Comments from last shift week, I was lucky enough to take a vacation, leaving the Observatory in the very capable hands of my co-workers Mike Kyle and Tom Padham. However, today I’m back from another 3-week hiatus, and changes are everywhere!

Autumn is fully underway in northern NH, with some astounding foliage around the region. If you haven’t checked it out for yourself, I’d highly recommend taking a weekend to visit the White Mountain Region to behold this amazing sight.

With today heralding the month of October, wintertime preparations are on everyone’s mind. We’re getting ready for the harsh and unpredictable conditions that are impending during our 6-to-7-month cold season, and there is certainly a buzz about the staff!

Although the tranquility of summer is special, we’re all more than ready for the true weather of Mount Washington to make a brutal return in only a matter of weeks!


Mike Carmon, Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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