Hide-and-Go-Seek the Peak

2017-04-01 05:56:27.000 – Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist


This weekend (April 1st/2nd) we will be hosting the 1st annual Hide-and-Go-Seek the Peak event. Starting at 8pm on April 1st, four Observatory staff members labeled as “It” will count down from 43,200. During this time, the handful of participants that signed up earlier this year will scurry out and hide on a peak somewhere within the 750,852 acres that make up the White Mountain National Forest. When those designated as “It” arrive at zero on April 2nd, they will, as loud as possible, yell out from the summit, “Ready or not; here we come!” At this time, the four individuals labeled as “It” will go out by foot and seek the hidden participants. Once someone is tagged as found, they then become part of the “It” party and help look for additional hidden participants. The event will wind down when all participants are found or by sunset on April 2nd; whichever comes first. It should be a lot of fun and we look forward to participating.
31 March sunrise looking towards Boott Spur and Tuckerman Ravine with Conway and Portland in the distance31 March sunrise looking towards Boott Spur and Tuckerman Ravine
If looking for information on future events we will be hosting, you can subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss out. However, information about our annual Hide-and-Go-Seek the Peak will likely be hard to come by in the coming months as this particular event is nothing more than an April Fool’s joke!


Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist

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