I’m Back – Part V

2012-01-05 16:28:16.000 – Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant

Excited to be back

May 12, 2010
“To start, let me introduce myself, I am Rebecca and am one of the new summit interns. Arriving at the observatory, I had trouble believing that this is where I would be spending my summer.”

January 5, 2011
“This is not Florida, and I could not be happier! After this past summer as an intern I knew I needed to come back. Starting as one of the new winter interns I am extremely happy to resume working for the Observatory again. All I can say is that it is good to be back!”

May 12, 2011
“12 May 2010 I started working on the summit as one of the new summer interns. Today, one year later, I am starting on the summit as the new Museum Supervisor. With two internships behind me I am excited to be working for the Observatory in a new position.”

September 19, 2011
“As I have written twice before this is my last week in my current position here on the summit. Not to worry, I am not leaving the organization I am moving to a new position. Starting Monday I will be assuming the role of Outreach Assistant in the Weather Discovery Center’s valley offices. I am looking forward to the change of pace and learning more about this amazing Organization in a new position.”

January 5, 2012
Today I am starting the first day of my fifth position here with the Mount Washington Observatory. Assuming my new role as Operations Assistant I am thrilled to still be working for such an amazing organization and furthering with my passion for weather and the mountain I have come to call home. It is hard to believe I have been with the organization for almost a year and a half. I have accomplished and learned many things in my time here and am looking forward to my new position. I have built, observed, educated, experimented, and enjoyed every second of it. I am looking forward to all the opportunities and experiences to come with my new position with the Mount Washington Observatory.


Rebecca Scholand,  Operations Assistant

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