Incredible Weather

2008-08-23 06:12:04.000 – Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer


I’ve just come in from the 0400 EST mini-synoptic observation, and it is one beautiful night. The slightest hint of dawn beginning to color the bottoms of the cirrus clouds in the northeast a dark grey, unlike the rest of the clouds that are painted a soft bluish-white from the moon. Orion has climbed his way over Hurricane Mountain, bow clearly in hand. The wind is as still as the dead, and it sounds just as quiet. Valley fog has tucked in the lowlands between Berlin and North Conway for a cozy night’s sleep. In less than an hour from now, the sun will chase away Orion and awaken you sleeping folk below, removing that comfy, grey blanket. Another day will follow not so different from yesterday – temperatures in the 60s, light winds, and lots of sun. I woke up early yesterday afternoon and went for a hike, down into the Great Gulf to Sterling Lake and back up the Sphinx Trail to home. I was greeted back home with a brilliant sunset, friendly folks, and a great dinner. I find myself thinking, “Why can’t every day be like this here?” I quickly remind myself of something Chris from State Park says of his days as a fisherman off the coast of Massachusetts when he would ask the same thing to a friend. His friend would reply, “If every day were like this, everyone would be doing this job.” The same fellow would also advise Chris that the only way to cure sea-sickness every time was to sit under a nice Oak tree. If only we could all be so wise.


Mike Finnegan,  IT Observer

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