Internet problems, weather, and of course Marty

2008-02-02 13:44:54.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer


Some of you may have noticed the lack of updates to the website last night and this morning. This occurred because we lost internet access during that time period. On this occasion, it wasn’t a problem with the point to point radio link to the Mount Washington Center in North Conway, it was a problem with the cable internet access that we have down in North Conway. After Steve talked with one of the tech support people at Time Warner(it took Steve a while to convince the person on the other end that we were actually on top of a mountain), it turned out to be a problem with our cable modem. Of course at 7 o’clock on a Friday evening, there is no one around in the valley to reset the modem. Bill Grenfell, our retail coordinator was thankfully able to take care of the problem when he opened the Weather Discovery Center this morning.

It’s a bit breezy on the summit today. Right now winds are sustained around 70 gusting to 80, however this morning we were seeing regular gusts over 100 mph for several hours. We peaked just before 11 o’clock this morning with a gust of 118.2 mph. I was really hoping to hit 130 today, but at least I got to experience the strongest winds for me since my time as an intern in the winter of 2006.

In other unrelated news, Marty has continued to show how smart he is. After only 15 days living on the summit he has discovered the magic of the heat registers, as the picture attached to this comment shows. I can’t say that I’m surprised. Nin always loved taking naps on the heat registers in the State Park kitchen as well as our kitchen, that way he was within sight of any food source in the building. What cat wouldn’t love having a nice source of heat under their tummy while they snooze?


Brian Clark,  Observer

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