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2009-01-16 16:24:32.000 – Ali Boris,  Summit Intern

Looking East Thursday afternoon

Current conditions: cold, white, and amazing. I’ve just moved from the “left coast” all the way to New Hampshire to get the experience of a lifetime at Mount Washington. So far, it’s been just that.

On the drive to the base of the auto road, Brian Clark told me that one of his favorite things about working up here is that everything is so dynamic. I totally agree with him –something new happens every day in the weather, in our duties, and in our outreach schedule. Granted, I’ve only been here three days. Within those three, though, I’ve seen clear skies all the way to the Atlantic, fog so thick we can’t see off of the summit, and been in temperatures below those reported for the South Pole.

The ride up was a bit bumpy, although I think I was the only one in the cat who had any concerns. When I couldn’t keep from sliding toward the back doors, I reached for a seat belt –only to be warned against over-committing myself. After a few nervous chuckles and a “short” hour-long trip, I entered the Sherman Adams building for the first time ever.

After a couple months of packing and planning, I still didn’t know what to expect. I found to my surprise that the observatory section is kept at a normal temperature, and has a normal kitchen, living room, and bunks. We even have an entire wall full of things which serve as entertainment (books, DVD’s, etc). The weather, however, has proven, to be very interesting so far. I don’t expect that to change, but having the option of watching some “Scrubs” episodes is always nice.

I’m continuing to learn how to do forecasts and observations – hopefully I’ll get to do some soon. Until then, I’m reading up on my meteorology notes and asking a million and one questions. With everything to do up here, it’s tough to find time to let my family know I haven’t frozen any appendages off yet. At this point, mom, everything is intact. I’ll keep you posted! I’m so excited to be here, and I can’t wait to find out what I’ll be doing tomorrow.


Ali Boris,  Summit Intern

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