It not to late to visit the Summit

2012-08-20 23:09:30.000 – Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


The last few days on the Summit have been exceptional with warm weather and low winds. While doing Observations the last couple days I’ve had the chance to talk briefly to some of the guests on the deck and tell them a little about what we do. During one of my afternoon Observations a family stopped me to say hi and say they were in the audience for a Live From the Rock Piles I did the day before. I also meet a number of folks on the deck who don’t know there is a Weather Station on the Summit that has been taking Observations continuously for over 80 years. If you haven’t come to the Summit for a visit this year it’s not too late and if you’re a member of the Observatory we’d love to meet you and give you a free Observatory tour.


Roger Pushor,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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