It’s the end of another year!

2009-12-31 17:48:58.000 – Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

Yet another year is coming to a close tonight. I know it’s a cliche, but it really is amazing how quickly the years can go by. It’s crazy for me to think that just ten years ago on this night, I was in 10th grade and celebrated the end of the 20th century in the small town of Howard, PA with a bunch of my best friends.

Now, as the first decade in the new millennium comes to a close, I will be celebrating the waning moments of the 2009 in a very different place and with very different company. This afternoon, seven adventurous souls arrived on the summit for our very special New Year’s Eve EduTrip. Not only will they get to spend New Year’s Eve in one of the most unique places I can think of, they will also get to partake in an incredible 9-course dinner (you can see the menu on the page I just linked) this evening prepared by summit volunteer and professional chef John Bauhs his fellow volunteer Ed O’Malley. With great food, great company, and of course an incredible location, this will undoubtedly be a New Year’s Eve to remember.

On behalf of the summit crew and the rest of the Mount Washington Observatory staff, I want to wish you and yours a very happy (and safe!) New Years!


Brian Clark,  Observer and Meteorologist

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