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2008-03-19 20:14:56.000 – Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

“I hope you enjoy your week off, Brian”

“I hope you have a terrible week.”

This was the exchange made between Brian Clark and myself as he was leaving the summit (for it is that fateful day of changing shifts!). Usually partings are bitter-sweet, this one however, may seem flat out bitter. There is a reason for Brian’s unusually mean-spirited farewell. And, no, we did not vote him off the summit. However, there is something exciting brewing in the atmosphere, literally. The low pressure that is pushing a warm front across the region as I write this will travel north into the Canadian Maritimes. Normally, a low would continue northeastward and dissipate, but there is a high pressure center in place, which will block the normal northeast movement. This means the low will sit to our northeast and spin more precipitation in our direction for an extended period of time. This low pressure is forecasted to intensify as it sits in the Canadian Maritimes. Strong high pressure will be situated just to the west. Another factor, one of our forecasting tools is predicting winds at 99 knots…the only thing is, the wind speed doesn’t go into double digits. Ryan Knapp, senior staff meteorologist, claims that last time the elements were arranged in such an order, winds got up to 140 mph!

Back to the beginning: Brian Clark is extremely jealous that his shift will miss the highest winds of the year thus far! That is just the way the cookie crumbles.


Stacey Kawecki,  Observer

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