Justy wait a minute

2007-01-01 16:22:16.000 – Yvonne and Marco Endara,  Summit Volunteer


It is the tail end of my stay here as a volunteer and I am twirling with excitement to hear that the winds may once again exceed 100 mph. Two days ago, just before calling it a night, my husband and I ventured outside and stumbled through 83 mph winds. I called it a night when the flying rime started its attack on my head and limbs. Nevertheless, I am ready for more. This week we have enjoyed a stunning sunrise and gorgeous sunsets. We’ve also had days of very poor visibility and days where the view went on forever. The temperature has fluctuated from way below zero to just right for winter hiking. To top it all, my husband and I have also had the pleasure of enjoying the company of a great group of people, visitors as well as friends from previous stays. It is the combination of all these things that keep us coming back. Every time we volunteer we receive more than we give.

Today, the needles on the charts are lulling away and the only thing that can be seen outside the observatory windows is a blanket of white. Here in New England when we speak of the weather we often say, “just-wait-a-minute,” the saying is more than fitting here at the summit. We will do just that!


Yvonne and Marco Endara,  Summit Volunteer

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