2007-12-05 08:36:20.000 – Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

Low Lying Clouds

Here I am again in one of my favorite places to volunteer. Each time there are familiar faces and new greeting me. Always welcoming. Each group making my experience up here fresh. This particular group, as with the others, young, intelligent and ambitious. Eager to learn and share. With 3 young ladies as part of the crew this time, I have to admit it’s been especially pleasant for me. Also there are the State Park personnel that are next door. They are essential to the smooth running of the generators, etc. on their end and are wonderful people to get to know. Including Red one of the State Parks essential people.

Sunday was a gift from sunrise to sunset. An amazing sunrise, and with virtually no wind. I was able to get out and do quite a bit of hiking around the peak this day. I have to admit shame though. I was furious with myself for sleeping about 10 minutes too long. Although I was able to capture part of the sunrise, I missed the best part. Just before the sun breaks through. You almost don’t want to sleep at all when here, always afraid of missing a magical moment.

Late Sunday afternoon the cap clouds were amazing. Streaks of cloud racing over the peaks from two directions and diving into the valley below. It was a sight I’ll not forget. As much as I tried to capture them with my camera, I found myself in awe watching the spectacle in front of me. Isn’t our natural world amazing? Sometimes the awe and splendor of what I witness here, (not just here) brings tears to my eyes.

Early Monday a snow storm hit. Visibility was only a few feet. I still bundled up and got out for my daily walk, then played soccer on the Observation Deck with the crew. The wind was down and it just felt good to get out and play, even though you couldn’t see much. Tuesday another socked in day, however, low wind and high temps. (5-10 degrees) made it still possible for me to get my peak walk in. Not too much to photograph, just snow, snow and more snow. I did still manage to get a couple of interesting shots.

Wednesday is here and time to go down to reality. I’m ready to return home, however look forward to my next visit to the summit. What will be missing on my next visit is Nin. He will be moving into a wonderful home, but will be truly missed on the summit.

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Katherine MacDonald,  Summit Volunteer

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