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We love to travel and have had the good fortune to see many places in the world, not to say we’re world travelers, but none compare to this one. The time is drawing near for us to leave after our 6th opportunity to volunteer here on the ‘Rock Pile’ and it is hard to imagine anyone looking forward to leaving. The week has been busy with cooking for the crew and four groups as well as cleaning and reorganizing. As always, the weather provided all the ingredients to make the stay an interesting one. The summit, being in the clouds for much of the time, gives the sensation of isolation as if the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Time passes and just when one is convinced they’re going mad the sun peeks through and all is right again. Soon after the cloud mass blankets the earth below and we’re stranded on an island. Another morning arrives and with a glorious sunrise begins a day with full sun and spectacular views in every direction. No one has to say ‘we are so lucky’ as we absorb every moment.

The week has been all about cooking with the numbers of people coming and going. While composing this blog it occured the experience here is alot like cooking . The crew and guests comprise a widely varied mix of interests and personalities as preparing food involves blending many different ingredients. The week progresses and we interact with these people. Most very briefly but the crew, being stuck with us, a great deal of the time. Every visit here the MWO group have been more than gracious, from the director to the Cat operator, making us feel as important as eggs to baking. The ingredient that provides for a cohesive end product. Much like any type of cooking, though, this week has been exceptional. The mix has resulted in a cornucopia of delights the envy of any cook. There has not been a time when a little sugar was needed. We have had our moments of ‘meat balls’ and some of ‘cream puffs’. From ‘chicken soup’ to ‘meat and potatoes’ not one attempt failed. As much as having the opportunity to be here is a blessing, to interact with such a great collection of people is the ‘best’.
The Kinneys

PS. With all the work we found some time to catch some ‘rays’.


Summit Volunteer,  Summit Volunteers

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