L.L.Bean Man

2008-07-13 15:04:49.000 – Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

Mr. L.L.Bean with volunteer Patti

In the summit museum, a wire framed mannequin stands perched atop a display of alpine vegetation. L.L. Bean, one of our sponsors, has outfitted this mannequin with a nice red jacket (with our new logo, of course), along with hiking boots, snow pants, long underwear, gloves, hiking poles, and a backpack. Until Friday, the L.L. Bean man was held up by a set of wires and hiking poles. But mid-afternoon on Friday, with a full gift shop for an audience, the L.L. Bean man lost his balance and came toppling over onto the museum display underneath him. After a failed attempt to regain his balance, his post was abandoned. Since then, he has been traveling around the Observatory. On Friday night, he made an appearance in the observers’ bed room. He spent yesterday in the radio room where all the forecasts are recorded. This morning, the dummy waited outside the observer bunk room waiting for Stacey, then moved to Jeff’s bunk room to await Jeff’s alarm. Since then, Mr. L.L. Bean has been sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a Steven King novel. Hopefully tomorrow he will rejoin his fellow mannequin when he returns to his post watching over the museum.


Lisa Hodges,  Summit Intern

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