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2011-08-04 17:52:21.000 – Jaclyn Ritzman,  Summit Intern

View of the summit cone from Wildcat

This being my last comment, I figured I would reflect on what a wonderful summer this has been up on the summit of Mount Washington. Watching thunderstorms move through the area while being up on the summit has been one of my favorite experiences. There is nothing like being able to witness the summit being struck by lightning; the sounds and vibrant colors of the surroundings sky are truly amazing. Ever since I was a child, clouds have been a mystery to me, therefore this internship has been even more enjoyable for me. I am extremely thankful that I was given the opportunity to intern up here on the summit!

Seeing how I am reflecting on my summer up here on Mount Washington, I will briefly go through a few of my favorite pictures. The first is a picture is a picture of the most impressive lenticular cloud I saw during my time up here. It was taken the day of Seek the Peak, which was probably one of my favorite days working up here on the summit. The second picture was taken during the only sunrise that I got up to witness. In my book, the sunrise was beautiful but compared to other sunrises seen up here it was probably a one out of ten on the sunrise scale. The third pictures is my favorite sunset picture, we have had a decent amount of sunsets but this one for some reason stands out in my mind.

I will miss a number of things up here on the summit of Mount Washington. My co-workers who have made my time up here on the summit a blast and extremely memorable. Obviously, I will miss the views but most importantly I will miss the high winds and being in the clouds. Honesty, I will miss the entire northeast. There are so many great people here and there is always something to do which is awesome!

Up next for me is a 2,057 mile drive to Laramie, WY to attend the University of Wyoming for graduate school. Even though the mountains out in Wyoming are beautiful, Mount Washington will always be a special place to me and I will never forget this experience. I leave you with my favorite picture I have taken all summer. After climbing Mount Washington with my friend, we went up Wildcat because the summit was in the clear and I wanted to show him what it looked like when it was not in the clouds.


Jaclyn Ritzman,  Summit Intern

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