Last Fog-Free Day on the Summit: July 12th

2013-08-22 19:04:08.000 – Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer


Ever wonder how foggy it is up here on the summit? When comparing hours of fog to hours of clear weather, we’re in the fog about 60 percent of the time! Looking at our F6 monthly summaries on our website, in the last 61 days we have only had one completely fog-free day. In the winter, that translates to days where windows are rimed over with ice, and our short trips outside involve a bone chilling walk onto the windy deck with 50-150 foot visibility. Although more bearable in the summer, the fog on the summit obscures beautiful views and often makes it easy to forget that we’re living on top of a mountain. Whether it’s foggy on the summit or not, it’s always beautiful up here!

Observer Footnote:The Mount Washington Observatory is teaming up with The Mount Washington Cog Railway to offer a wonderful experience atop Mount Washington. Travel alongside an Observatory guide, learning about history of the Cog Railway, Mount Washington, and the Observatory. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the observatory (normally closed to the public), and have a delicious lunch atop the highest peak in the northeast. There will be two day trips in September, and reservations are accepted online as well as by phone.


Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer

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