Let Me Introduce Myself…

2012-06-11 21:27:33.000 – Anthony Grimes,  Summit Museum Supervisor

Sunset from Sunday evening.

Greetings from Mt. Washington! My name is Anthony, and I’m one of the two attendants working in the Observatory’s museum/gift shop. This is my second week on the summit, and it has been an amazing experience to live and work up here. A little about me – I’m from Milford, Massachusetts & I’ve spent the last few years finishing an Environmental Studies degree from the University of Central Florida. You can typically find me playing drums, bass, reading about space, or exploring the outdoors.

It’s been quite the change in environment moving from the swampy lowlands of Orlando to the peak of Mt. Washington but I have enjoyed every minute of it. The climate here is truly unique, and as someone with a life-long fascination with weather I couldn’t ask for a more interesting place to be. In my short time here I’ve gotten to experience a few of the mountain’s trademark weather events – a furious 108 mph blast of wind, intense thunderstorms with lightning striking right outside our windows, and most recently the serene beauty of a clear day on the summit. This is pretty rare, as we are bathed in fog a majority of the time, but when it clears the view from the Observatory is stunning. Pictures do not do this place justice – you must see it for yourself to fully appreciate the grandeur of the Presidential Range.

Today marks the first day of Ride to the Sky, the special motorcycles only event in conjunction with Laconia’s Bike Week (oh, and my birthday!) It’s been a pleasure chatting with the folks that have come from all over the US & Canada to ride up the mountain. As summer approaches, we draw closer to our annual Seek the Peak hike-a-thon on July 20th that promises to be epic in all possible ways. Check out www.seekthepeak.org for more information, and when you scale the summit, don’t forget to stop by the museum & say hello!


Anthony Grimes,  Summit Museum Supervisor

Spring is Here

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