Limited Time

2013-07-22 18:03:27.000 – Kaitlyn O`Brien,  Summit Intern

The Cog descending to the valley Sunday afternoon

This past weekend was a wonderful experience, as it was my first time assisting with Seek the Peak activities. It was a huge success and I got to meet so many wonderful participants, volunteers, Observatory members, and all of their families. I know I’m not alone when I extend a huge thank you to everyone who made the event possible and very memorable, particularly for a first-time intern!

With only two shifts left to work on the summit, the reality of my internship experience coming to a close is slowly setting in. I’m trying to make the most of every minute, catch every last available sunset, and wrap up my research project. As these last few weeks of summer escape me way too quickly, I’ve got to be sure to savor every fleeting moment!


Kaitlyn O`Brien,  Summit Intern

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