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2008-07-23 16:30:17.000 – Lisa Zatko,  Summit Volunteer


As a new volunteer on the summit I feel that Marty (the new observatory cat) and I have something in common. He and I are eager to explore our new surroundings and are becoming familiar with our home away from home. n

nThis week has been exciting because of the newness of the environment. On the outside I’ve enjoyed the blooming clouds that formed the undercast, the rainbows after a storm, strong winds and hail and the rare open vistas below. I’ve enjoyed the hikes around the summit and the beauty of the alpine garden. On the inside I’ve enjoyed the company of the staff. The observers, interns and museum attendant are wonderful and made me feel at home. My co-volunteer, Katherine, has been volunteering for years and has been a terrific teacher. I enjoyed meeting Peter Crane and edu-trip participants. I’ve enjoyed the conversations at dinner time with the staff and hearing the stories about life on the mountain and about their lives in the valleys below. Best of luck to Natalie, Matt and Ted.n

nNow that my stay here is almost over I can only say that I am sad to leave. I miss my family below; however, I will miss being up here. As I sat this morning on a rock reflecting on my week I felt lucky to have had this wonderful experience on the rock pile. I hope Marty feels the same. Meow!


Lisa Zatko,  Summit Volunteer

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