2013-09-29 23:48:24.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Becca and I bringing a bit of class to the summit.

Every winter, we hire two interns – one for each shift. Back in the winter of 2006, the two interns that were hired were Brian Clark and I. Since one intern is hired per shift, this meant that we would remain on separate shifts and only interact once a week during shift changes; a “tradition” that carries on even to this day. However, about a third of the way into my internship, one of the weather observers left and I was hired on as a “full-time temporary weather Observer.” This meant that we would no longer be on separate shifts but actually become coworkers as shift weeks flip-flopped landing us on the same crew at times. Over the course of the winter of 2006, I got to know Brian a bit more until he had to return to school to finish up receiving his BS in Meteorology. Once finished, the timing worked out just right that he was able to return to the summit and become a weather Observer, landing on my shift once again.

Over the years, we would continue to work on the same shift, sharing experiences in weather and life up here on the Rock Pile until he departed the summit last year to pursue different life goals. One of those life goals came about yesterday as he got married. As a result, fellow Weather Observer Rebecca Scholand and I got gussied up on the summit and headed off the summit for the evening to attend his wedding which was held on another mountain of sorts at a location called Castle in the Clouds. It was a beautiful location with beautiful weather and a great group of people. Some of the great people in attendance were people Brian, Rebecca and I have worked with over the years – Mike Finnegan (former Observer), Dustin Cormier (from NHSP), Kate Keefe (AMC), Sarah Long (former Observer/Trustee), and Jim Salge (former Observer). So, not only did we get to witness the marriage between a pair of great people, we also got to reunite with a great community of people, making for a very memorable night all around. So, we once again congratulate Brian and Laura and wish them all the best for the future.


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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