2010-08-01 23:14:33.000 – Marty,  Summit Cat

It’s a hard life

A thousand meows and a few hellos from my mountaintop domain! Marty here, back from a bit of a hiatus to give you all of the important thoughts from my kitteh brain. I know Mike usually claims he helps with the translation, but he takes far too much credit.

The usually quiet summit has been all hustle-and-bustle recently! It got warmer, and then the people came. It was a trickle at first, like the slow leak of a drippy faucet that could entertain me for hours. Then, someone turned the faucet on full blast, and a purrrrade of people has persisted since.

Meow, although it’s nice to see some visitors, I enjoy my alone time as well. To accommodate this outside play time by myself, I’ve taken to venturing outdoors during the pitch black nighttime (that matches my stunning coat). I will demand one of my subjects…errr…rather, beg one of the observers to open the door before the sun leaves.

After watching an exceptional sunset with the breeze running through my fabulously fluffy fur, I’ll immediately go on the purr-owl. If you question them, those inane observers will tell you I spend my outdoor evenings with a special someone. But I am here to tell you firsthand, from the mouth of the feline himself, that Meow-nt Washington’s most eligible bachelor remains unattached! In fact, I spend my purr-ecious time stretching my legs, doing a few light exercises to purr-serve my purr-fectly toned figure, and chasing around my midnight-snacks-to-be.

When the summit nightlife no longer holds my interest, I’ll wander to the door of the deck and meow my kitty heart out so the night observer will LET ME IN! When the door opens, I’ll hop inside and make my way towards my final resting place for the evening…maybe a chair, or purr-haps a comfy couch.

So, that’s what this kitty has been up to recently. It’s now time for me to return to my cat nap.


Marty,  Summit Cat

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